For rental investors and tenants alike, maintenance expenses can be murky territory. Federal law states rather cryptically that property owners have the responsibility to provide the “implied warranty of habitability” or, basically, keeping the rental premises livable. While everyone’s definition of livable may be different, this law is laid out in more detail at the state and local level.

You’ve done your due diligence on that perfect property, partnered with a lender and closed the deal. Now on to getting your Rehab started. Your experience is the first line of defense in the event of any surprises, and in many ways lays the groundwork for a successful investment and exit strategy.

Test your rental investor knowledge and be sure to check out the FRL INVESTORS WEBSITE,,  which includes helpful how-tos and industry terms OR CALL US AT 888-276-6565. You can also reach us at or dgorman@FRLinvestors .com for any questions you may have.

If only picking up a few cans of white paint were so easy. Go to the Home Depot, and you have over 7,000 options to choose from, and 11 color families—of white! and that is the easy part.

A snapshot of the current New York and New Jersey real estate markets shows The takeaway. While a fix-and-flip strategy may be an “uphill battle,” low single-family vacancies and high undervalued purchase opportunities are making the areas ideal for buying Investment properties. We are here to assist with capitalizing on your Real Estate Business opportunities. Our Goal is to make financing available to investors nationwide for the purchase of residential properties.

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