Buy & Hold

The perfect opportunity to use as an exit strategy from an FRL Fix & Flip or Mixed Use Loan

In the current real estate market there are various types of investment strategies and our investors typically fall into one of two buckets which include: Fix & Flip and Buy & Hold. The “Flippers” approach the market with a goal to purchase, renovate and sell within a short period of time, which may yield a significant profit. “Buy and hold” Investors are looking to build their rental portfolio with returns over a longer period of time.

We understand our investors are always looking for innovative new ways to create long term investments. We are excited to introduce a new loan program tailored to our real estate investors focused on investing in the rental market, allowing them to generate reoccurring revenue. Speak with one of our many loan specialists to inform you of the various options available.

Rental Program

Term: 5/1 Arm 7/1 Arm or 30 year Fixed – No Renovation / Rental Ready

Single Family, 2-4 Units & Mixed Use

Loan Amount: $100,000 – $2.5M

Min fico: 620+

Up to 80% of Purchase Price / As – Is Value

Up to 80% Refinance without cash out

Up to 75% Refinance cash out

Rates: starting at 5.99%

Origination fees: 2 – 3%

Foreign Nationals

Apply Here

LIEN POSITION: First Mortgage Only
POINTS: Paid at Closing
CLOSING COSTS: Paid at Closing
2. FRL Credit Authorization
3. Construction Cost Sheet
4. Appraisal – Credit Card Authorization
5. Copy of valid Soc. Sec. Card & Driver’s License
6. Bank Statements: Most recent 2 months supporting Cash Reserves, Down Payment, & Closing Fee’s.
7. LLC or Partnership: Proof of Publication, Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement, Member Resolution & Percentage of Ownership
8. 1 year proof of Home Owners Insurance
CLOSING Quick and Efficiently
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